Choosing the Right Concrete Contractor for Your Needs

Do you want to repair your cracked driveway? Want to lay a new construction foundation on your land? We are the right people for the job! Crossroad Concrete and Masonry LLC is the local masonry contractor you can turn to for all your concrete and brick-related needs. From minor concrete repair tasks and delicate decorative works through to heavy excavations, we are the natural number one choice for your residential and commercial projects in Elko New Market, MN and the surrounding 90-mile areas. Keep reading below for more information!


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Custom Concrete Driveways

Crossroad Concrete and Masonry LLC
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Our services

Crossroad Concrete and Masonry LLC provides a complete concrete and masonry service, including installation, repair, and replacement. We can do custom concrete driveways, patios, sidewalks, steps, and fire pits, build brick walls and blockwork, lay foundations, and more. Our team can take on regular concrete flat work and patching, intricate decorative jobs, concrete block additions, underpinning, footings, and protective finishing. We use colored and stamped concrete, and we can also provide you with excavation and hauling services.

Why hire a concrete contractor

If you have ever wondered which material is versatile enough to serve various construction purposes, concrete is the answer. It is a proven cost-efficient option that provides lasting and durable results. Nowadays building industry utilizes it not only for construction but also for enforcing, decoration, interior, and exterior projects. Concrete is easy to use and transformed by staining, etching, overlaying, stamping, and engraving to create unique designs for your home or commercial space. Turning to an expert in the field will allow you to have your concrete work done professionally. They will offer you innovative solutions that match your specific needs.

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How we can help

Our company works daily by appointment, and you can reach us 24/7 for queries and scheduling. Our team does custom masonry work, implementing the client’s preferred design. If they are unsure what exactly they want, we provide on-site consultations to estimate the amount of work and discuss a unique design according to their taste and the property’s style. Our team uses high-quality materials, top-notch equipment and techniques to ensure outstanding final results. Our rates are competitive, and we can offer our clients budget-friendly solutions.

Need digging done in your yard in Elko New Market, MN? You can count on us for this as well! Call us today, and we will handle it in no time!